Monday, October 29, 2012

Grooms Cake Ideas

Having trouble getting groomie involved in the hubbub of wedding planning? If you're soon-to-be husband is like most, the only thing that interests him when making wedding plans guessed it; the tastings. Get him involved with the grooms cake plans as well! Some brides like to surprise their groom with their cake ( I did!). But, if you find yourself wanting your groom to be more present in the planning process (I didn't!), then give him some creative options for his grooms cake.
Favorite Sports Team
Have a cake decorated like a football or baseball field.
Sport Mascot
A cake shaped like Mr. Met will be sure to please him! ;)
College Colors
Have a smaller tiered cake with his coordinating college colors.
Favorite Hobbies
 If he loves to fish, have a cake shaped like a boat.
Donut Cake
Think cupcake tree with donuts instead!
Occupation Cake
Is he a police officer, doctor?
Ice Cream Sundays
Let him have creative license over the types of ice cream and different toppings!
TV Show or Movie
Does he love Superman? Madmen? Incorporate that into his cake!

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