Monday, October 8, 2012

Biggest Mistakes Brides Make on Their Wedding Day

I love to save a buck more than most. When planning a wedding, while sticking to a budget, you really need to make smart choices. The tricky thing is; most people have never planned a wedding until they find themselves engaged. It can really be a recipe for disaster if you try to save money the wrong ways. I'm going to share a few ways NOT to try to save money.
Most brides think that hiring a planner is a great expense to cut. The reason that planning your wedding yourself can actually cost you more is; the planner has a repor with these vendors and can usually negotiate prices. Also, they will know little tricks of the trade you can use to save big $$$.

Sometimes brides get a little too crazy with the DIY, including with the flowers. The thing with assembling your own flowers is, you can't buy from a floral wholesaler at a discounted price, because it requires a license. This can mean that you will be spending a lot more than hiring a professional.

I've been hearing a lot about couples using their ipod instead of hiring a DJ. This makes me crazy!! To run a successful wedding day, you need an MC (Master of Ceremonies). You need to be able to have that non-emotionally invested person keep the itinerary flowing. You also need all the events ie toasts, cake cutting, bouquet toss, etc. to be announced so that your guests know what's going on.

Hiring a friend that takes great photos may sound good in theory. Truth is, your wedding day will pass faster than any other day in your life. You want to make sure that an experienced professional captures every moment. In the end, it's all you're left with.

I hope this helps any of you on a budget. I hate to see brides pay more for a lesser quality of a wedding! Best of luck!!

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  1. If I were to ever get married I would have done everything wrong!! LOL Im glad I read this!

  2. Glad to help! Keep reading for more tips! :)