Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Who Pays For What At A Wedding?

Want to know who pays for what on the huge list of expenses for your wedding day? I've provided a list, traditionally speaking of who pays for what. These days, statistics say that over 75% of couples pay their own way. However, if you are one of the traditional brides, I hope this list helps you!
Bride & Groom:
-Attendants' & Parents' Gifts
-Bridesmaid Luncheon
-Bachelors' Dinner
Bride's Parents:
-Engagement Party
-All Stationary
-Ceremony Venue
-Ceremony Musician
-Ceremony Flower Arrangements
-Bride's Gown & Accessories
-Bouquets For Flower Girls, Bridesmaids & Corsages
-Reception Venue
-Reception Flower Arrangements
-Caterer & Cake
-Musician or DJ
-Additional Reception Decor
Groom's Parents:
-Host an Additional Engagement Party(totally optional)
-Marriage License
-Officiant's Fee
-Groom's Outfit
-Bride's Bouquet, Boutonnieres For Men, & Corsages For Mothers' & Grandmothers'
-Bar Fees For Cocktail Hour & Reception
-Rehearsal Dinner
Attendants' & Friends:
-Host an Additional Engagement Party(totally optional)
-Their Own Outfits & Shoes
-Bridal Shower
-Bachelorette Celebration
-Bachelor Celebration

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