Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How to Write Your Wedding Vows

If you and your soon-to-be husband/wife have decided to exchange personal vows, you may not know where to begin. I like to pass along a little formula that has proved helpful to get the words flowing. Always write from the heart of course, but this should help keep those vows a little more organized, and a little less scattered.
-First, write about how much you love him/her.
-Then, write about something he/she has taught you & how it has forever changed you for the better.
-Next, write about your future together.
-If you'd like, you can throw in a little joke or two about your relationship.
-Talk about a big step the two of you have taken & how it has bonded you.
-Finally, write what you vow in your marriage; to be devoted, to cherish & adore him/her, to lift him/her up when he/she is down & most importantly, to be his forever.
Make sure your officiant is okay with you two exchanging hand written vows. Also, try to stick to 5 minutes a piece.
Good luck & don't forget to speak from the heart!
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