Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pink Zebra Themed First Birthday Party

For my niece's first birthday, my sister really wanted to do a hot pink/zebra theme. I was all over it! I really think all the details came together so cute!
A wild dessert table!! I made everything except for the cake that my sister used her bakery skills to craft :)

I made heart-shaped peanut butter fudge, dipped it in dark chocolate & used hot pink nerds for sprinkles! YUM!

I used pink zebra duct tape to make the water bottle labels.
Pin the tail on the zebra!

My sister actually made this pinata. It was SO cute!!

Happy birthday Vivee!! I had such a great time designing & coordinating your first birthday :)

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Hubby's Vegas Style 38th Birthday with Some Close Friends & Family

A little blurry, but you know how busy it can be playing hostess ;)

My husband lives for Italian, so I made baked ziti, shrimp enfuego, & tomato bruschetta

Marshmello pops! Mmmmmm

Our precious party girl!

The gang! Some of them drove 3 hours to surprise the birthday boy!

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Girly Elmo Birthday

I made everything here and it was shockingly inexpensive. It's amazing what you can do with some scrapbook paper!


Bought this cute little outfit on Etsy

Oreo pops!


Lalalala lalalala Rylie's World! She loves her goldfish, her crayon too! That's Rylie's woooorld!

I used duct tape on the water bottles to make them super girly!

For lunch, I made heart shaped nutella sandwiches, heart shaped chicken salad sandwiches, fruit kabobs, apple sauce station, & veggies and ranch dip

The birthday girl's invitations

Pin the nose on Elmo!


Can you tell me how to get to Rylie's party?

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