Friday, April 5, 2013

Curious George Themed Party Package

I've been working on expanding the shop & let me tell you; I am IN LOVE with this Curious George inspired collection!!
I'm very curious to see how this package is recieved. This is very different from my other packages! My fingers are crossed! :)
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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Favor Ideas

I was talking about ideas for favors with a friend the other day & it had me thinking; I'm not a huge fan. Let me specify; I'm not a fan of wasteful favors. We all have gone to a wedding or party & received a favor we either forgot to take with us, or didn't leave our car for a month. I'm sure the host didn't spend the money on those favors with the idea that they would be discarded so easily. Honestly though, some favors are just wasteful. If the idea that you are spending money on a favor that isn't being used drives you as nuts as it drives me, let me share a few ideas to make yours a hit.
- Food-  Host a candy bar for your guests to help themselves to at the end of the event, jars of homemade preserves from the farm your event is held at, delicious baked goods from an amazing bakery in the area or any type of tasty treat that is cohesive with your event. Guests love something to munch on after a long event.
-Favors that Last- Have guests leave with a potted plant that they can plant in their garden, or pictures from a photo booth that can be framed in their home.
-Appeal to Adults- Cigars for the gentlemen, unopened bottles of wine with personalized labels for the women, homemade signature drink mixers to bring home, or a hangover cure basket for the next morning (energy drink, alkaseltzer, aspirin).
Your guests are sure to appreciate the gesture! 
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Monday, April 1, 2013

Basketball Themed Party Package

One of my wonderful customers asked if I could make her son a black & orange basketball themed party package. I am very pleased to introduce the new basketball collection!



I hope everyone likes this package as much as I do!
You can purchase this package: HERE
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