Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Spiderman Birthday Party

The day before Rylie's actual birthday, we threw an impromptu Spiderman inspired birthday party. She loves super heroes, but Spiderman is her favorite. We had thrown her a Snow White party (HERE) the week before, a few hours away from home. She wanted some of our more local friends and family to celebrate with her as well. She also had the crazy idea in her head (among many crazy ideas) that she was going to have two parties all along. I caved, not wanting to break her enthusiastic spirits. So with a weeks time, I scrambled together & came up with this small Spiderman party.



I kept lunch very simple since we were only feeding about 10 people. I baked some macaroni & cheese, ordered some popcorn chicken from the deli & served french fries.

We enjoyed some homemade cupcakes while the girls decorated their own star- shaped sugar cookies.
We rented The Amazing Spiderman & ate popcorn.

It was such a fun day & I am so glad the birthday girl persuaded us to throw this together.
I created all the printables & designed the event: www.Astylishaffairbyjessie.com

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