Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Banner Ideas

We are doing my beautiful girl's birthday at a park this year. In fact, it's the same park we did it at last year. We live about 2 & 1/2 hours away from most of our friends and family. So, these last two years we have brought the party to them (except my wonderful grandparents; we love you for making the 5 hour drive to watch loud children run around euphorically and eat cake). I never thought I'd be a birthday party- park- kind- of- mom for the simple reason that I think they are eyesores. With that said, I found last year, this is SO not true! Rylie's birthday party last year was one of my absolute favorites. Now when I'm planning this years party, I know some of the little secrets to dress up the pavilion & grassy area. Banners, backdrops, and cute linens are key to take this ordinary space & make it an extraordinary party for the celebration of my little one's life.
I've included some pictures of the banners we will display at her "fancy" (in her own words) Snow White party:
I found a Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs Golden Book at Target, carefully removed the pages and displayed the story on clothespins. I felt this banner was essential to tie together the Snow White theme.
The quintessential birthday banner is key of course! I've yet to do any party without the birthday banner! I must say when I showed this to her, it met her stamp of approval for "fancy".
A fabric scrap banner was a great way to really enclose the space, to make it feel more intimate. I used canvas fabric I had around the house (yipeeee) in corresponding colors and knotted it around lightweight rope.
I hope this helps anyone that feels they are working with an unflattering canvas; you can create beauty anywhere! Feel inspired! :)

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