Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hidden Wedding Expenses

When couples plan their budget, there are a few little expenses that can be costly, but aren't discussed. Don't forget to stash away some cash for these expenses!
-Gratuity. A lot of vendors don't charge gratuity, but it is customary to tip them! 18%-20% off total     bill is a good amount.
-Dress alterations. Your dress may cost $1,200, but don't forget ( if you're most women) your dress will need to be altered.
-Rentals. Your caterer or venue may supply the table linens, but what about the napkins? Your wedding cake looks fabulous, but what about a cake stand?
-Attendants' gifts. Have a huge bridal party? It is customary to spend about $75 on each person in your bridal party (not including bouquets & boutonnieres). That party of 10 can get a little costly if the expense isn't planned for.
-Event Insurance. Some venues require you to supply additional event insurance. Typically a policy for $1,000,000 - $2,000,000 can cost you about $150 - $300.
I hope this helps prepare you!

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