Monday, October 22, 2012

Bridal Shower Ideas

Find yourself planning a bridal shower, but have no idea where to begin? I've put together a few of my favorite bridal shower themes
-Lingerie Shower. Every guest beings a pair of (new) underwear for the bride that they feel matches their personality & she gets to guess who got them for her!
-Cooking Themed Shower. Each guest brings their favorite (printed out) recipe for the bride to put in her recipe book so she can brush up on her wifey skills. A lot of caterers host these type of events where they teach everyone how the pros cook! Super fun & interactive.
-Afternoon Tea Party. Everyone comes wearing their tea party gear (gloves, hat, etc.). Tea sandwiches & small desserts are served. A fun reason to dress up!
-Painting Party. A lot of art studios host art classes for parties. Have some champagne, while an instructor teaches you how to paint! The best part is that everyone leaves with their own piece of art they created themselves!
-Spa Party. This is my personal favorite! You can create a spa environment in your home or go to the spa. Everyone gets pampered to the max for the day, while sipping moscato! The bride will definitely thank you for this one!
Good luck! Don't forget to have fun while planning! :)

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