Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Spotlight Vendor : JK Imprints

I am so proud to introduce a wonderful vendor to you all! JK Imprints is such a great shop. They specialize in imprinted beverage, luncheon & dinner napkins. This is such a great way to brand your wedding or an affordable price {always looking for a great deal}! Kapi & her mother own this up & coming business. Most importantly though, I cannot tell you how inspired by Kapi's story.
A couple of years ago a little calendar boy for St. Jude children's hospital named Big
Ben captured my daughters heart.  Chasten decided to raise money to
help kids with Cancer. She started with a Lemonade stand; then
garage sales, craft shows, picking oranges to sell and donated the
proceeds to St Jude Research Center. Shortly after her donation she
received a phone call from Ben's father thanking her for what she
was doing.   She received a letter from St Jude in 2009, inviting her
to come to the Center for a tour and to meet some of the children.
She was invited again in 2010.  Little did we know her baby brother would be diagnosed with a rare aggressive tumor in his right hand and we would actually have to use St Judes who we had donated previously for three years.  He baby brother battled this rare tumor for two years as it kept reoccurring. Which motivated Chasten even more she is donated nearly $10,000 to St Judes since she was in 1st grade. Caden has been tumor free for almost two years and we will continue to help St Judes as St Judes will never turn a child away because of the inability to pay.

We have always wanted a family owned business so this was the
natural next step.  We opened JK Imprints and now have a
production team experienced in quality work and service. We will
continue to support St.Jude and donate a portion of our sales  to
help Kids With Cancer    I’m a proud mom.
Our sincere thanks for visiting our website
As a mother, I truly have an amazing amount of respect for Kapi. Please check out her shop & show them support! :)
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