Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Angry Bird Cake

I have always considered to have an artistic personality. I love to create things, whether for profit or just plain fun. I'm proud to say that I believe it's my strong suite. It took me a while to fully realize this & once I did, it was like my eyes were opened to a new world & I wasn't turning back. With this said, I love watching my sweet daughter develop into who she is going to become. My husband was always a jock & I was not so great at sports. I am realizing more and more everyday that my daughter is so much like me. I watched her the other day, study YouTube videos on cake decorating {she is 3!}. She would rather attend her art classes than a gymnastic class, or a bike ride. She asked me if, just for fun we could make an Angry Bird cake. This is what we came up with:
It was so entertaining hearing her tell me "easy, easy mom". She told me I needed to separate the yellow of the egg from the white, so the cake would stay a white color. I am so impressed with her attention to detail.
She is such an amazing little girl & I am so proud of her desire to create.

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