Wednesday, September 26, 2012

5 Things You Don't Need at Your Wedding That Can Save You A Lot!

There is an amazing amount of waste after a wedding night comes to an end. Couples spend money on things because they think they HAVE to. I always tell my brides that- this is their love story, they can write their own rules! The top 5 things that I see couples spending a lot of money on, that can be an extra expense & wasteful are;

Favors.  Half of your guests will forget to take them & the other half of your guests will throw them away. Don't get me wrong, if your budget is limitless, favors can be such fun to design! If you find yourself not wanting to waste money, favors are a good thing to cut!

Serving coffee with cake. Paying your caterer to supply coffee with cake is a huge expense. I remember the first time I learned how much is charged for 5 gallons of coffee, I nearly choked! Guests won't notice the difference if it isn't served.

Paper. After cleaning up after a wedding, the amount of paper thrown away is alarming! It's also expensive ordering menus, personalized beverage napkins, escort cards, etc. Paper costs are necessary, but an abundance can be costly & wasteful.

A Champagne toast is very expensive. Most venues/caterers charge per glass which can REALLY add up. If you are having a full open bar, you can opt. for a drink toast instead.

Save the Date cards. If you are having a destination wedding or a large portion of your family lives out of town, you're going to have to bite the bullet and send them out. Otherwise, it really isn't necessary and the typical 3 months notice of your upcoming nuptials is plenty accommodating.

I hope this helps! I'll follow up with a post on what you should spend money on! :)

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